But sadly, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  

Here we are, the loyal Democrats of Connecticut, getting TRAITOR JOE shoved down our throats again — despite our wishes and our vote.  

What I want to know is, just who the hell does Harry Reid think he is?  I don’t think he’s a voter in Connecticut.  Isn’t he from Nevada — the state we should seriously consider as a storage site for our nuclear waste?   Hell, Harry; if you’re going to stick us with the toxic waste that is Joe Lieberman, it’s only fair you take some of ours.  

The heart of the matter is that Harry Reid is saying that the will and the vote of Connecticut Democrats does not count.  And Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, should NOT get to disenfranchise the Democratic voters of Connecticut.  

The Democratic voters of Connecticut decided, in 2006, that Joe Lieberman was not the man we wanted to represent us as our Senator from Connecticut. A candidate was put forward to challenge Senator Lieberman in a primary race; that candidate, Ned Lamont, beat Joe Lieberman in that primary.  The Democrats in Connecticut, in a free and fair election, chose the man we wanted to represent us, and that man was the Democrat Ned Lamont.

Joe Lieberman, in his arrogance, didn’t want to lose his job and decided he was entitled to scorn the decision of Connecticut Democrats and run anyway.  That was his right.  He created his own party and ran as a candidate of that party.  He was elected as a member of that party.  Joe Lieberman is the Connecticut for Lieberman Senator from Connecticut.  Joe Lieberman is NOT the Democratic Senator from Connecticut.

It is offensive enough that Joe Lieberman, CFL Senator from Connecticut, was allowed to caucus with OUR party for the past two years.  It is even more offensive that Joe Lieberman, CFL Senator from Connecticut, was given the Chairmanship of the Governmental Affairs Committee, where for two years he FAILED to perform the oversight that a Chairman from OUR party would have performed as regards the corrupt and immoral Bush administration.

Joe Lieberman, Senator of the CFL party, then turned completely and 100% against the Democratic party, not only supporting the Republican candidate for President, but actively, publicly and repeatedly denigrating the Democratic candidate with the most repulsive of lies against his capabilities and his honor.  Joe Lieberman stabbed long-time friend and colleague Joe Biden in the back in favor of Sarah Palin, the Alaskan Idiot.  Joe Lieberman actively campaigned for other Republicans.

Yet Harry Reid continues his insulting ass-kissing of Joe Lieberman, continuing to let him caucus with OUR party and hold a Chairmanship that should be reserved for a member of OUR party.  Harry Reid says we need Joe in the Democratic caucus.  The truth is, we don’t need Joe.  We’re close enough to 60, and we’ve got a few friends on the other side of the aisle who will vote our way more reliably than Joe will.  And honestly, if Holy Joe is truly the bipartisan he says he is, and is truly a Democrat at heart, he’ll vote with us no matter who he eats lunch with.  So Reid needs to stop letting Joementum blackmail him.

I dunno.  Maybe Holy Joe is using some of that mysterious slush fund money from his dirty campaign to pay Harry to be his pal.

Harry Reid should immediately stop overriding the wishes of the Democratic party voters of Connecticut.  Our vote means something, and Harry Reid should stop spitting on it.

We aren’t kiddin’!!

I’ve met Harry Reid.  He talks a good game.  But talk is all it is.  At the end of the day, Harry Reid treats the Senate like his personal country club, not the representative body it is.  And in so doing, he is in direct opposition to the Democrats of Connecticut.

There’s a reason that the American people don’t think the Congress is doing a good job.  But they were willing to give the Democrats a chance on Election Day.  It sucks that, right off the bat, after stellar wins in the election, Harry Reid and the Old Boys Club are going to throw away that chance to prove they aren’t just a bunch of buddies covering each other’s asses.  


  Hopefully, tomorrow’s secret vote will surprise me.      Hopefully, the Democrats in the Senate will listen to   men of  honor like Senators Patrick Leahy  and Bernie Sanders of Vermont,  Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, who understand what party loyalty is and that the wishes of the voters should be  honored.  

Hope.  Me and this kitteh haz it.  We’ve had eight years of being let down.  We voted for change.  We’re hoping the guyz in the Senate were listening.


And if they don’t, maybe we Democrats of Connecticut can stand up and make the change we want.  

 A petition has gone to our State Central, urging censure of the traitor Joe.

Loyal Democrats are urging their local DTC’s to support the censure.

After all, this is the Constitution State.  We know how this America idea works.


2 Responses to “Tomorrow is KICK THE CRAP OUT OF LIEBERMAN DAY”

  1. 1 thecutmag November 19, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    I love the giant papier mache Liebs & Bush…I might consider those as possible pinata designs for my next bday party.

  2. 2 catdance November 20, 2008 at 1:35 am

    The Kiss Float was a superstar here in CT during the Lamont campaign

    Great idea to make a pinata! I’d certainly love to whack those effigies with a big stick.

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